Why just wash your hands when you can cleanse them?  Our obsidian infused hand soap and lotion are, without a doubt, the bougiest products you'll ever place in your guest bathroom.  Made with only natural ingredients and infused with obsidian that's been charged in quartz crystal singing bowls, these products combine the practical with metaphysical.

Because we use a concentration of ingredients, you don't need to use as much as you normally would.  We've opted for a classy treatment pump to ensure that you get the exact amount you need with less waste.  2 pumps is all it takes, which means this duo lasts a household of 4 around 2 months... Or just squirrel it away for yourself and have it last a lot longer.  Regardless, you won't find a better looking toiletry sitting on your sink.

This most recent blend is, hands down, my absolute favorite so far.  Earthen, spicy notes of my darkest patchouli are sweetened with a touch of vanilla and brought to life with top notes of tangerine and rose.  The overall scent is like a spicy oranges and cream with a hint of fresh rose, and I REALLY want to eat it.

Obsidian has long been noted for its protective abilities in the psychic realm.  It's also been applied by practitioners to combat bacteria and draw out negative energies before they become a bigger problem.

+ We house our Witchcraft Hand Soap and Lotion in 4 oz. amber glass bottles to reduce our intake of single use plastics.
+ Locals may return bottles for a discounted refill at our Waynesboro, VA storefront
+ We skip excess packaging and opt for recycled paper and twine when shipping.
+ We only use natural ingredients in our products and formulate in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.  This product will last for up to 1 year when kept in a cool, dark location.



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