Rue is one of the most commonly used herbs in magickal settings, across the globe.  But it's the nature of its transmutation that makes it so powerful.

When in bloom, bright clusters of yellow flowers seem enticing to pick, but its sap causes severe dermatitis and blistering when touched.  Miraculously, cultures from every continent found that by boiling the herb, they could denature the toxin and render it safe for use.

I had the distinct honor of working with a Hopi Medicine Woman who is responsible for bundling these for her tribe.  She was kind enough to provide me with a dozen and will continue to work with me in a way that ensures fair and full compensation, as well as environmentally responsible harvesting practices.

At Pyramid, we believe it is our responsibility to honor and acknowledge the cultural sources of our practices; and it is my promise to always source ethically, learn, and share the practices of Indigenous Peoples of America in a respectful way.  If you require more information on any of our sources, please message me and I'll be happy to share whatever is available to maintain transparency and credit.

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