For abundance, wealth, and blessings, Rose of Jericho, also known as The Resurrection Plant, is a common item for plant collectors and practitioners alike.In spellwork, place the dried plant at your altar in a shallow bowl of warm, spring water.  Within hours, your plant will begin to open up.  Within a week, it will begin growing fresh greenery.  We use ours for abundance and health spells to further drive the energy of fruition and life springing anew.For planting, secure the plant on top of a potting mix specifically for high moisture plants.  Water accordingly with spring water or two water that's been sitting out for 24 hours (allowing the chlorine to evaporate).  Hydrate until saturated and allow soil to dry out before watering again.  Your plant is more likely to stay alive dry than it is oversaturated; hence the name!Our Rose of Jericho come ready-to-gift in 100% recycled and compostable boxes and are nestled in a bed of Spanish moss.  Should you choose the option with the copper bowl, it will be included in the box.Due to the nature of these plants, sizes will vary.  Rose of Jericho will grow when placed in soil.  Instructions included.Includes:1 Selaginella lepidophylla plant(Optional: copper bowl)



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