*This product is stocked at the request of our local Hoodoo practitioners, who have a place and history in the Appalachia.  It is my goal to represent all people on our community and provide what I can when requested of me.

Railroad spikes, particularly in the Hoodoo tradition, Have a long standing tradition in folk magick. Similar to the effects of horseshoes, coffin nails, and other iron objects, their power lies in the forged metal, itself.  Their traditional uses are to ward off enemies, prevent eviction from properties, and (at least in the Appalachia) for protection from the fae.
It is recommended that, before use, one consecrate them for the intended purpose and anoint them with oil;  at which point they can be driven into the ground, essentially "pinning" down the house.  If you're seeking protection from enemies or the fae, braiding them into a witch's ladder or placing them near the front entry of a home is said to ward off those who mean you harm.  Driving them into pots of soil that flank your front door is an inconspicuous way to impement their power, or you can take shavings from the metal itself to create a dust that is drawn as a protective barrier.
These railroad spike were legally obtained, as it's obviously not only dangerous to pry them from railroads, but theft as well.  The tracks that run behind our 103 year old home are rife with these bad boys, as they seem to just be tossed off to the side when replaced.  You know what they say about trash, though...



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