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I've never done a patina before, so this was a fun, but smelly, project.I started with conflict-free quartz crystals, electroformed  on pure copper, before stringing them onto copper shotbead.  24" of it to be exact.  The result is a primitive, yet modern, look and feel that's right in line with the aesthetic of Pyramid.Quartz, a known amplifier, storer, and projector of energy, is strengthened with highly conductive copper; the end result is not only stunning, but pure of intent.  You can cleanse and charge these in direct sunlight, and meditate with them on the go.  Definitely a statement piece that isn't too ostentatious.These are, as of now, a limited run.  I'm just seeing how well they do before moving on to other electroform pieces.  I only have 9 available, so reserve one for pickup or shipping while I have them!Variations in sizing should be expected.  Consider it a happy surprise, as I'll draw at "random".ABOUT OUR PACKAGING:Pyramid has been dedicated to providing our products in earth-friendly packaging. Our jewelry is housed in 100% recycled paper boxes and nested in preserved Spanish moss.Should you choose the giftwrapped option, we wrap only in 100% recycled papers and natural fiber twine. We believe that our magick ends when the planet suffers, so it's our promise to only use sustainable sources and packaging, from shipping to gifting.