The PYRAMID: Community Facebook Page is growing! Pushing 400 members in only a few months, it's pretty clear that we have a solid group of practitioners in the Appalachia and beyond! We've all been working together to support, love, and understand one another, and I want to provide a way for us to find each other out of the group! These bumper stickers will measure 3" x 3", and will feature our golden pyramid logo on a black backdrop. SImple, understated, and powerful and memorable. Anyone who knows, KNOWS, and it'll be a quick way for us to identify one another when we're out and about! Not to mention it's going to be really fucking cool to have a symbol that encompasses the heart of what our Community is all about: support, acceptance, and solidarity. We stand for equality of all genders, sexualities, beliefs, and cultures; let's take it to the streets and find each other. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of this new movement! I know we're going to continue to do great things and grow with each other.



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