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The Moon signifies our connection to our divine feminine, allowing us to access intuition and enhance psychic abilities by activating the Crown Chakra and pulling the water in our bodies like the ocean tide.  She beckons us to honor her when she's full and encourages us to seek deeper when the shadow of the Earth falls on her face.

Moonstone is no exception to that magick and, truth be told, I prefer moonstone in it's spherical form (for rather obvious reasons).  Use it during moon rituals or charge it in the moonlight with water to amplify the energies offered to us by her celestial body.

Each sphere measures 2" in diameter.  Variations are natural and will be chosen with intent.  Some specimens will have rainbows, while others have tourmaline inclusions.  If you want a particular specimen, please let me know at checkout.

These particular specimens do not include a stand.  I recommend using a thrift store taper candle holder.  I use them for all my smaller spheres and it adds a lot of character and variation to my altar.