The rub with incense is you get a bargain price for mediocre (if not downright questionable) quality, or you pay an arm and a leg for some really fantastic ones.  After listening to the needs and wants of my customers out here in the valley, I came up with a solution: a happy medium!

These hand-dipped incense sticks are made right here in my studio (my dining room, until statewide lockdown is over) with essential oils phthalate-free fragrance.  But the most important part of these scents is that most were inspired by our beautiful little neck of the woods!

They take a week to process, and are practically babied the entire time.  I only work in small batches, and the quality of these is as follows:

+ Extra Long Burn Time
+ Quality Ingredients
+ Superb Fragrance Throw

Now... on to the fragrance descriptions!

Inspired by musky, subtle notes of old books, wooden floors, and the faintest hint of that old house smell, this scent only fully opens when burned.  It's difficult to truly put into words this specific scent profile, but we can definitely say that it's about as cozy as staying in a cabin off the Appalachian Trail, and a little cleaner, too...

When you go off-trail, it's important to watch out for mud daubers, rattlers, and poison ivy.  I decided to skip all the less-than-desirables, and focus more on the clean, acrid scent of the oak, pine, and tulip poplars.  The result is a clean, woody scent with heavy notes of spruce.  Consider this a year-round, winter solstice incense.

My proudest moment in fragrance.  I've tried for years (over 10 to be exact) to formulate the absolute embodiment of "campfire smell".  Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between - I NAILED it.  No perfumey top notes, no fake woodsy smell, and no fluff.  I've tried every campfire fragrance on the market and none of them come close to my formula.  You burn this, your house will smell like a campfire.

It sounds strange, but it works.  In my previous company, this was one of my best selling candle fragrances.  Citrusy and spicy, this fragrance blend is truly unique.  Of clementines and the color red had an aroma, this would be it folks.  Why would this blend even exist?  Well, if you've ever tried my habanero hot sauce, you'd understand!  If you haven't, well, now you can at least smell it.

Not inspired by anything from the hills, but my most requested incense.  People wander in the shop swearing up and down that this fragrance is what drew them in.  A classic staple for incense lovers, and it's make with real dragon's blood resin!  It's a tree, y'all.  Google it.

Yet another classic.  There isn't much more to say that can't be researched in a few minutes, but the aroma is quintessential to incense burners across the globe.  I simply couldn't NOT have this.

Out here, you won't get far without hearing of someone's prized herb garden; and mine is no exception either.  This has been described by customers as, "Smells like grandma's garden.".  A blend of herbs with topnotes of lavender make this a calming floral without being over the top about it.

This scent is near and dear to me.  One of my favorite people in the world, Barbara, told me about how her mother used to place magnolia flowers in a bowl of water on their kitchen table to bring in the exquisite aroma of these quintessentially southern flowers. Since her property was shaded, she couldn't grow magnolia trees; I decided to gift her 3 off of mine.  Last year, Barbara passed away, and I was left with a hole in my heart.  This fragrance is to honor to kind, true, and honest soul that Barbara embodied until she met her maker.  She welcomed all into her home an, although the world is a little less warm without her, I find her spirit in the magnolia tree.

It's hard to follow a description after the last one, but I'm going to try.  Nah Champa, a traditional Indian blend of frangipani and sandalwood, is commonly burned to honor gods and ancestors.  It's iconic aroma has found its way across the globe and, as a result, is one of the most beloved incense blends you can find.

Another staple for incense lovers, sandalwood's sweet, musky nature makes this a no-brainer for our collection.

If you don't know, you will.  Tomato leaves have a smell and this is it.  Acrid topnotes of green leaves are brought to life with peppery undertones, making this scent unique and perfect for the kitchen.  Not to mention that this is the scent that got me into candle making 12 years ago!

Without a doubt, the sexiest fragrance of incense you'll ever light.  Like the woodwitch, it's dark, sultry, and mysterious with a generous hint of something wild.  This is the incense you light in the bedroom, around a campfire, or during intricate spellwork.

Pack of 20 sticks

Handcrafted in-studio with phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils



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