Appalachian Folk Magick is rooted in practicality, and the tools we use often need to serve multiple purposes.  It should come as no surprise that a broom would be quintessential to a practitioner's work.

For centuries, brooms have been attributed to the craft.  On on hand, you have the practical use: to clean surfaces and remove dust.  On the other, they're used to cleanse a surface energetically, lifting and removing "sticky" energies and evicting bad juju from the home.

These whisk brooms are crafted in the traditional method.  Straw and silvergrass are woven together and appointed to a bamboo handle that's been wrapped in sturdy vine for added grip and comfort.  I like to use mine to brush off salt, herbs, and ash from my altar while reciting a cleansing mantra to clear the space.

They also come in handy in the practical sense... I mean it is, after all, still a broom. I recommend consecrating these during a waning moon to harness the "sloughing" of energy.

-Sweep in a westward motion, to push haints away.
-Sweep toward the exit of a room, to cleanse a space before sealing it off.
-Anoint your broom with oils and herbs likeolive, rue, cayenne, and sage.
-Adorn your broom handle with crystals, season flora, and charms.

-Sweep dirt out your front door, lest you sweep away good fortune.
-Sweep under somebody's feet, lest they never marry.
-Step over a broom, lest you have a child out of wedlock.

Starting at the point furthest from your back door (or a window, if you don't have a back door), sweep the rooms from ceiling to floor.  Remove cobwebs and dust from fans and corners before moving down to the floors.  Work your way towards the exit of each room, but do not put the collected dirt into a dustpan, yet.  Continue your way through each room and hallway, sweeping your pile along with you until you reach a rear exit or window.  Write down a spell or mantra of cleansing and repeat this spell 3 times for each space. Once you reach your back door, sweep out all the debris with added force (or sweep into a dustpan and disposes of OUTSIDE of your home).  You may vocalize a protective spell to keep the energies from returning and lay a line of salt or brick dust to keep the haints out.

 A SPELL TO INVITE GOOD COMPANY:Starting on the front porch, start sweeping from your front door, outward toward to the steps.  Recite your spell of choice to banish haints.  Once you're done, place your broom, handle pointing down, on the side of the door that opens.  Grind a mixture of rose petals, chrysanthemum, jasmine, or whatever dried flora is available in a mortar and pestle and sprinkly this at the steps of your home.  You can also leave a small jar of milk and honey at the base of the steps to sweeten and attract good company and the fae.

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