Hailed as the most popular perfume in the world, Murray & Lanman's Florida Water has been on the market since the 1800's.  Ironically, it was never made in Florida, but rather named after the Fountain of Youth which, at the time, was perceived to be found in Florida.


It's simple alcohol base with a blend of essential oils makes it widely accepted in natural healing practices, but is mainly regarded in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, and Wicca for its energetic cleansing capabilities, similar to the effects of Holy Water.


We're offering their original glass bottle formulation in an effort to cut back on the use of disposable plastics.  Not to mention the fact that it just holds better and looks spectacular on the altar or next to your toiletries.


  • 7.5 fl oz / 222 mL


    Glass Bottle

    • Infuse ink with Florida Water before writing out spells
    • Wash hands and wring them out before and after rituals
    • After a bath ritual, anoint each chakra to realign and balance energy flow
    • Add to bath to banish negative energy
    • Leave in offering bowl in your altar
    • Anoint doors and windows to cleanse and protect your home
    • When used as a perfume or cologne, is said to keep your enemeies at bay, can warn off depresson, and calm the senses
    • Removes heavy vibrations and keeps spiritual work high
    • Anoint altar tools and candles


    Caution: Florida Water is alcohol based, which means it's flammable.  Never use it near an open flame.


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