The first of our growing body care line, the Fermented Rice Skin + Hair Tonic is unmatched for its simple and effective benefits.Loaded with B12, calcium, magnesium, iron, amino acids, and potassium, fermented rice water has been my secret weapon in the proverbial arsenal that is my self care ritual.  It's been in Asian beauty rituals for centuries to encourage resilient, healthy hair and skin for centuries, and we've applying this knowledge to our own formula.Just spray onto freshly washed hair, face, and body to reap the nutritive, restorative, and pH balancing benefits of this truly luxurious tonic.  We've stabilized our own formula (to keep it from continuing to ferment) and added a blend of essential oils that not only smells fantastic, but nourishes in conjunction with the rest of our formula.This most recent blend is, hands down, my absolute favorite so far.  Earthen, spicy notes of my darkest patchouli are sweetened with a touch of vanilla and brought to life with top notes of tangerine and rose.  The overall scent is like a spicy oranges and cream with a hint of fresh rose, and I REALLY want to eat it.SKIN BENEFITS:+ Restores pH+ Introduces beneficial bacteria to skin's surface+ Infuses skin with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids+ Promotes stronger, more resilient skin regeneration+ Encourages a healthy, dewy glowHAIR BENEFITS:+ Speeds up natural hair growth+ Makes existing hair more resilient and less prone to breakage+Restores damaged hair within 2 weeks+ Promotes a healthy scalp for future hair growth+ Smooths hair folliclesINGREDIENTS: fermented rice water (agua, oryza sativa), yeast, silver dihydrogen citrate, essential oilsLOW CARBON FOOTPRINT+ We house our Fermented Rice Skin + Hair Tonic in 8 oz. amber glass bottles to reduce our intake of single use plastics.+ Locals may return bottles for a discounted refill at our Waynesboro, VA storefront+ We skip excess packaging and opt for recycled paper and twine when shipping.+ We only use natural ingredients in our products and formulate in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.  This product will last for up to 1 year when kept in a cool, dark location.



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