*This product is stocked at the request of our local Hoodoo practitioners, who have a place and history in the Appalachia.  It is my goal to represent all people on our community and provide what I can when requested of me.

The walls we build around ourselves, whether they're to keep people out or keep ourselves in, have a power that's transcends the physical plane and into emotional and spiritual.  What is seen on the outside may not reflect that which lies within;  we put up these walls to protect ourselves from prying eyes, danger, and exposure.

Brick dust has a long history in Hoodoo, whether you're in the Appalachia or not.  It's the physical transmutation of the walls they once formed.  The ritual provides a sense of release while also putting in the intent of breaking and undoing.  When drawn in front of a passageway, none that mean you harm may pass - be it a person, haint, or otherwise.

Each and every brick is a found object that tells a story of foundation, construction, and protection.  This batch has been consecrated before being bottled up, so it's ready for immediate use.



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