• 100% beeswax
  • lead-free wick
  • all natural
  • fragrance free
  • petroleum free
  • no synthetic dyes


Pyramid's spell candles are unlike any other.  Free of dyes, perfumes, soy, and petroleum, beeswax produces a longer, cleaner burn than paraffin or soy.  Because of their 1 hour burn time, they're perfect for meditation, yoga, spell work, healing sessions, or evoking a mood altering state.


The biggest difference in our spell candles is not only the thin, pliable circumference, but also the lack of color that is traditional with other spell candles.  We chose to leave these out to lend for a more pure, eco-friendly candle, keeping you a little closer to nature.


For spell and energy work, we recommend dressing your candles with Pyramid's Kinetic Anointing Oils to set intent.


  • beeswax, lead-free cotton wick

    • listing is for 12 beeswax candles
    • each candle is approx. 6" L x 1/4" W
    • approximately 1 hour burn time
    • gift wrapped in jute and hemp fibers
    • may be used in appropriate candle holder or twsited around each other in 3's to create a tripod as depicted in photo

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