Pyramid's Avocado Honey Moisturizing Face Mask combines the benefits of honey with the added benefits of avocado, helichrysum, honeysuckle, and tansy to deliver a nutrient-dense formula that's perfect for all skin types.

We start with limited reserve honey that is harvested from an individually owned apiary.  Because our farmer only takes what is needed, it allows the bees to have enough food for the entirety of the year.  This also causes less stress to their bees, and ultimately turns this particular source into a limited reserve.

This mask is perfect for those with skin conditions like eczema, sensitivity, or rosacea, but is awesome for anyone looking for brighter, smoother, healthier skin.


Avocado Honey: (sourced from the avocado flower) antibacterial, unclogs pores, high in antioxidants, locks in moisture, treats acne

Organic Helichrysum: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, treats acne, treats candida, treats wrinkles, promotes cellular regeneration

Organic Honeysuckle: fights free radicals, reduces signs of aging, improves skin tone, reduces dullness, natural cleanser

Organic Tansy: antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, soothes itchy, dry skin, free radical protection, balances pH

INGREDIENTS: avocado honey, vegetable glycerin, organic helichrysum flowers, organic honeysuckle flower, organic tansy, xanthan gum, essential oil

2 fl. oz. / 59 mL.

We house all our products in glass instead of plastic to reduce our carbon footprint.  Locals can also refill in-shop!



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