Anointing oils are used by practitioners as a means of sanctifying, consecrating, or clarifying tools and spaces in our work.  Typically infused with herbs and crystals, they're a practical way to further the intent of spell and energy work.  Another bonus to using anointing oils is the ease of converting mundane candles into spell candles at the drop of a hat.

My anointing oils are infused for 3 months, at the height of the full moon (for both the initial infusion and the extraction).  I've selected high quality resins, oils, and herbs for my blends and each batch is infused with quartz crystal to amplify the intention.

Amplify is a blend of dragon's blood resin, peppercorn, cinnamon, ginger root, and sandalwood meant to super-charge your work.  A few drops goes a long way by means of candle magick or consecration, and the dropper bottle makes it easy to draw circles and barriers in your sacred space.

These oils come housed in 1 oz. black glass dropper bottles, and are made in small batches by the dozen.  Every aspect of their 3 month formulation has involved moon ceremonies, charging, and intent, making them a powerful addition to whatever work it is you apply them to.



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