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When my partner and I first moved to Waynesboro, we discovered pretty quickly that our 100+ year old Victorian was going to take a concerted effort on our part to heat up.  The only source of heat is an outdoor wood boiler and gathering tinder from the forest is the most logical and efficient way to get fires started in that sucker.  

My aunt, who resides in Alaska, felt my plight and crafted me a beautiful tinder bag - almost too beautiful to use.  But the heavy duck canvas has held through for years and it's been one of my favorite gifts since moving to the mountains.  

I later discovered how versatile these bags could be.  They make for a quick clean place to sit when camping or meditating, easily carry a rolled up yoga mat, and are great for foraging large specimens from nature (wood.or herb clippings).

Cindy has made a handful of these exclusively for PYRAMID.  Made from heavy duck canvas and backed with equally sturdy, luxurious fabrics, these gorgeously unique bags appeal to glampers, foragers, and mediation enthusiasts alike.  Pictures can do no justice to the quality in texture, pattern, and craft itself that she put into these, and I'm so honored to be able to share her work at PYRAMID.

As a bag, they measure 17.5" I'm height by 20.5" in width.  As a mat, they measure 35" wide by 20.5" in depth.
(They're also reversible!)