Pyramid found its roots as Aziz Light Apothecary.  Specializing in beeswax candles and bespoke, all natural skincare, we slowly made our footing.  Our products found themselves in the hands of Giorgio Armani New York, the NFL, and a plethora of shops and spas!  With the help of friends, family, and a handful of bloggers, we were able to turn our side gig into a full time career.  But our work wasn't done.

As I started to connect more with the ingredients in my product, I found myself drawn back into nature, where I rediscovered my long forgotten spirituality; which was literally in a box under my bed.  I began delving back into my own subconsciousness and found my calling as a hedgewitch, an herbalist, and a healer.  I was granted my Master Attunement in Reiki and I've never looked back.  I spend every day finding new ways to learn, and to teach.

I've been following my dream for over a decade now and, after many failures, it's landed me in Waynesboro.  My partner and I have found a beautiful, historic Victorian home (that we could actually afford), I have my dream job, and a support group to rival all others.  To say I'm grateful is a woeful understatement to the reality of feelings that rush into my heart every day that I'm here.

I've chosen to focus, now, on folk magick and remedies that are true to the historical, diverse, and often misunderstood nature of the Appalachian peoples.  I do my best to offer products and services that reflect this rich cultural diversity, and I'm so grateful to have been received with open arms

At Pyramid, we seek to provide the daily tools and rituals that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  When you've got all those bases covered, you not only become a better person for yourself, but to your friends, family, and community.

-Anh Stanley

Owner & Founder of Pyramid


Address: 139 N. Wayne Ave.

Waynesboro, VA 22980



Tuesday-Sunday 11AM - 6PM

(Closed Monday)

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